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Skyn Botanics Logo Design

I was approached by the brand owner to create a logo for an organic skincare brand based in Lagos, Nigeria called skyn botanics. The brand is one that is transparent (even with it;s ingredient list), natural, yet exquisite.

This design process took about 1 week plus, to complete.

About Skyn botanics

Skyn botanics is an organic skincare brand that every skin loves. It is safe and usable by all skin types and all persons irrespective of age and gender.



After she (brand owner) filled my Brand Questionnaire which covers basic questions on the brand and it’s target audience. I started the design process off, with a mind map which highlights words that are related to the central goal of this whole logo design process – skincare brand.


Skyn - 1

Logo Creation

I tried creating a typography logo which was simple and easy to remember but I needed it to be unique too. I shared it with the brand owner and she agreed with my thoughts. We decided to make something that a part of it stands out.

After which I thought back to what element spells organic without anyone thinking twice – the leaf. Also, the leaf cave in the typography means that the brand is incomplete without it’s organic roots.

Color palette

On getting to color, the first color I considered was a natural and nature loving green, to show off it’s naturalness and organic nature. Owing to the fact that the green is very dark (even though it worked for what we wanted), I decided to add a supporting/secondary brand color that complements the green – a yellow (and ofcourse! It is bright).

Also, I created a dark green/black version of the logo to be used on brand products packaging. I later created those and will be sharing them later.

The color palette is below.

Skyn colors