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Designing Irorun

Irorun first image

Long before now, credit or loaning facilities aren’t readily available for loan seekers, so seeking for loans was like a herculean task.

With the introduction of loaning websites and apps in Nigeria, loaning & borrowing is a lot easier to access, in Nigeria.

I was contacted to design one of such loaning app (a lending solution) and a logo for it. On this project, I worked alongside the Front end Developer, Quality Assurance Specialist, Product Manager and the Product Owner.

This design process took over 7 weeks to complete, starting early March 2020.


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About Irorun

Irorun is a micro lending platform for company workers/employed people based in Lagos, Nigeria. It aims to make it very easy to access loan, with it’s registration process being direct and simple for any loan seeker to use. Also, payback date is very fluid and up to you to set.

It also has a savings part where you can keep some amount of money away every cycle (month, day, or week) you prefer. This savings plan has a maturity date, so you can collect your money once it has matured.

Irorun mockup

Visual Design

From the Client meeting, it has been set and pretty straightforward that the Client wanted something modern, with illustration, clean and straight to the point.

I got to work and carried the other guys on the team along.

Mobile App

The mobile app is available here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.irorun


At the end of the mobile application design, I proceeded to design the landing page/microsite for the product.

The message it would carry was simple – Get instant Loans.

The interface would, of course, be simple and direct with lots of breathable space.

Irorun microsite