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Redesigning a DEX website UI

Cardax Header Image


Project Brief

When the best DEX on Cardano, wanted to communicate to it’s futuristic-focused user, I was contacted. The first touchpoint user/prospective users of the Cardax DEX interact with is the website – Cardax.io . To redesign Cardax’s website, I though about how best to communicate to these Cardano lovers, how great a DEX, Cardax is and why.



The problems with the old website


This solution is both a redesign of all the previously existing features and addition of a new one.

The current User interface was not to the standard of the Brand’s persona.

The absence of the Academy where Users can learn about the DEX, Cardano, blockchain and the Decentralized world generally.


old website
Old Website


My Role


On this team, I worked as the solo Freelance Designer, along with the Stakeholder, a Front-End Developer and a Copy writer. This project lasted about a month. 



Research Report

After reading the report from the User Research done, I understood why this redesign was needed and how the website caters to it’s users (by converting them). I understand that the research report helped with decision making, as regards choosing a creative direction that resonates with users.



Business goal

In 2 years, to have the biggest decentralized exchange platform within Cardano with the biggest volume.




Designing the Sitemap is important to help Users better navigate the website, hence, aid usability.


Then, I arranged the different features of the new Website i.e I designed the Sitemap, which I shared with the team to get feedback. The feedback helped me iterate it until we all agreed on it, then I proceeded to the next step.






On Creative Direction – Component Library



Visual Design

The solution I came up with, is a modern, organized, different and user friendly site that is responsive and futuristic. Every design decision was made with this, in mind.



Some Users Feedback 



Coming soon! 




This project was pretty interesting and very informative for me, as a new Web3 Designer, as at the time I started this project . My takeaways are –


1) Figma as a tool for Designing, has done more for me in terms of collaborating with individuals from all over the world, especially on this project.


2)Web3 is the future and it’s right now.